The new coronavirus has been effectively controlled all over the world, but the United States is an exception. In the United States, the new coronavirus is still rampant, far from being controlled.

Recently, Ford announced that it would start to produce masks after the production of its orders, which was supported by the public. Because of the new coronavirus, medical facilities in the United States have been greatly missing. At this file, Ford signed an agreement with the government to manufacture 50000 ventilators for the United States.

As the original order was about to be completed, Ford began to convert the original production line into a production line for ventilators and masks.

Ford has decided to produce at least 100 million masks. Ford’s existing production line can produce 2.5 million masks a week. However, the company has added more machines to produce masks, so the production of masks will increase.

Ford announced that it would talk about manufacturing masks to share with its employees, as well as high-risk areas.

Ford has produced more than 60 million masks, 80000 ventilators and 1 million pajamas. More than 10 million masks have been donated to the community.