Recently, Jeep is about to release new models, and the news of Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer has been confirmed as true. However, it should not be until 2021 that customers officially get the new car. The executives of the company are now actively preparing for this new car launch.

Ralph Grilles, FCA’s global design director, recently shot a video with details of the new car, including the lighting, appearance and interior of the new car.

The new car uses a brand-new grille style, adopts lighter and thinner materials on the original basis, and a more fashionable style, and also engraved the name of the model on the top.

When the driver presses the switch, he can see a new lighting sequence: the name on the script, the slot, the headlights, the rear-view lights and finally the driving lights.

After careful study of the details, some customers also put forward some of their own ideas, such as adding 24-inch wheels and a rear suspension with new features.

The company will also adopt three rows of seats so that the new models can gain a position in the market.

The Wagoneer starts at $60,000, and the Grand Wagoneer starts at $100,000.

The new car is expected to go on sale from July to August next year.