The Subaru Forester is more popular than other Subaru cars, because it has many features that customers like.But one area where he can improve is his performance.

According to a recent report, Subaru carmaker is making turbo-engines for foresters with greater power.The engine will also replace the previous one, bringing more power to the Subaru Levory wagon.

According to the source, the engine provides 174 horsepower and 221 lb-ft of torque to the vehicle, which is not the strongest engine, but it produces more torque than an engine with the same horsepower.

Because the Price offered by the Sparrusans in the United States is unreasonable, Subaru will carefully consider bringing its new turbocharged engines to the U.S. market, and replacing many of its existing engines without causing huge problems for its competitors.

No word yet, the Subaru New Forester has changed a lot in CVT and interior decor.

The Forester, with its new engine, will go on sale in Japan in October 2020 to take on other turbocharged models.