Ram has recently launched many new packages that are more suitable for trucks than the original ones. Introduced brand-new exterior colors of car models and painted the exterior of many models in black, which met the requirements of many car owners.

Not only the appearance is changed to black, but other details have also been changed. A logo has been added to the car’s exhaust port, and this detail has also been added in many places such as the grille, light baffle and rearview mirror.

The new model launched this time also increased the original wheel hub to 20 inches, the wheel increased to 22 inches, and the single rear wheel and dual rear wheels have been enlarged.

There is also a more advanced audio system newly added, this new audio system will give customers a better experience. The new car has also been replaced with a new car hood, and a unique black trademark is also engraved on the hood.

The new car launched this time is expected to start at US$61,740 and is expected to be officially launched this fall.