According to reliable sources, Honda and GM have reached a partnership and established an alliance in North America. This series of operations has further strengthened the cooperation between the two companies.

In fact, the two companies had established a cooperative relationship 20 years ago. At that time, the relationship was established to reduce production costs, promote the development of new technologies, and increase investment in future technologies.

Before the announcement of the alliance this year, both companies revealed a message that they are developing new electric vehicles. In addition to developing new electric vehicles, Honda also plans to put OnStar into electric vehicles. This new type of vehicle will be launched in 2024.

Honda also stated that this new car, as well as a brand new exterior and interior, is specially designed for Honda’s customers.
Although this partnership is still in the planning stage, the two companies have signed an agreement, which greatly reduces the pressure on the two companies.

The press releases of the two companies clearly stated the benefits of this partnership.

For GM, this partnership can bring many benefits to the company, such as reducing costs, releasing manpower, having more energy to develop new products, and introducing more investment.

In addition to this cooperation between Honda and General Motors, they are also preparing to develop an auxiliary system to help drivers drive.