Recently, it has been revealed that jeep is ready to replace the logo with 4xe. The reason for the replacement is that Jeep intends to launch a hybrid model.

Jeep plans to make the hybrid model a popular model by next year, at least as popular as the Jeep brand.

This model not only pays attention to environmental protection, but also pays attention to off-road function.

The new model is equipped with new equipment, which can realize four-wheel drive and extremely high chassis, which perfectly meets the off-road requirements. Although it’s a hybrid, it’s the customer who drives it, and the traditional fuel consumption is almost the same. Jeep also said the car is waterproof and meets Volkswagen’s off-road needs.

The installation position of the engine and transmission is replaced in the new model, so that customers have a better driving experience. Such a setting can provide more horsepower for the car, and the horsepower provided has exceeded the original.

Not only that, the new design makes it easy for the driver to find the battery.

However, jeep has not said how long it will take to charge the new car, only the charging port.

The new car, which will be the most fuel-efficient of all models, can travel 25 miles on electricity.

What’s more, the most powerful design is that the driver can select driving mode, hybrid mode and eSave mode. The button for changing mode is on the left side of the steering wheel.

However, so far, the official price has not been announced, but it should be officially listed and sold in 2021.