Consumers’ expectations for Jeep’s new models have led them to keep inquiring about Jeep. After constant inquiries, the company finally couldn’t help but revealed the new model to people. The new model launched this time is the Big Wagoneer, a large-sized luxury SUV.

Jeep unveiled this new car at the recent press conference. According to the company’s spokesperson, this new car is a hybrid of gasoline and electricity. Customers who want to buy like this setting.

There are many improvements in the new model, not only changed the logo of the car, but also changed the seats to three rows. This series of changes makes the internal space of this new car very sufficient.

Originally, other companies were also preparing to launch this model, that is, Chrysler Automobiles, but this preparation was first launched by Jeep, which caused Chrysler to only launch new models of other styles.

The new car is an upgraded version of Ram. Their frame structure is the same. The difference is that the new car has an independent rear suspension.

The size of the new car is also the same as that of Tahoe and Suburban, but the detailed size of the new car is not known to the public, so customers are still looking forward to the announcement of the size of the new car.

The new car also uses many features that were not available before, as well as more luxurious details than before, such as larger wheels, more luxurious grilles, and more chrome plating.

The new car is expected to be available next year, starting at $60,000 for the Wagoneer and $100,000 for the Grand Wagoneer.