Recently, General Motors has received many complaints from customers. The reason for the complaint was that there was a problem in some parts of the vehicle. What caused this problem?

“Auto News” recently published an article that pointed out the reasons. Affected by underwater acoustic insects, many vehicles cannot reach the dealership, which prevents the dealership from delivering the vehicles that customers need.

Moreover, GM also stated that if Chevrolet and GMC deal with the residues on the hood, the company will correctly instruct these two dealers to deal with these residues.

These residues are caused by underwater acoustic insects. New cars parked by the lake, and the lake happens to be the habitat of insects, which makes these cars easily infected.

According to the company’s spokesperson, not all new cars have been infected. Only vehicles parked in the Arlington area of ​​Texas were affected. The reason for this was that some insects were parked on the car and left on the surface. Some residue.

So far, a total of 2,600 vehicles have been properly handled. The company stated that all infected vehicles will be cleaned by October.