According to the latest report, FCA and PSA Group will formally merge, and the two groups have been preparing for some time.

After the merger, the company will be named Stellattis, and the company’s location will be in France, the same as the location of CMP.

FCA explained that it is no longer developing small and ultra-small vehicles

In order to maintain the harmony of the group, the FCA and PSA groups will adopt a common name, Stellattis.

FCA said that before this merger, the company will complete the transformation of small cars to adapt to the sum of other power. This move means that the Fiat 500 model may be the only model on the FCA construction platform.

A FCA spokesperson confirmed that the two companies will share the system. However, the detailed negotiation details will not be disclosed to the outside world.

With the merger of the two companies, it has brought many benefits to the two companies. At present, PSA is also preparing to enter the US market.