Due to the increasing number of car recall incidents recently, many car owners have expressed dissatisfaction and posted their opinions to the recall website, hoping that the relevant departments can make changes.

So NHTSA wants to develop a new program that can help customers receive information in a timely manner. When a car company issues a recall of a vehicle, this program can help customers get the news in time.

This program is called SaferCar, but this program has been redesigned recently. The new program will take the initiative to alert the car owner when it receives a recall message.

In the past, people could search for recall information on the NHTSA program, but now, with this new program, car owners can get recall information more quickly and conveniently. Because this program will actively alert the car owner to let customers know that the car is about to be recalled.

Moreover, all the file information here is public, so Volkswagen owners can safely log the information into this program, so that the system can better remind the public.

This program was developed by the US government and is free to serve the public.

When the dealer introduces a solution, this program can better help the owner to repair the vehicle. According to the latest report, a total of 25% of vehicles have been recalled by the factory.

Both Apple App Store and Android Play Store provide updated NHTSA apps.