Due to special reasons this year, many car developers have slowed down because of sluggish sales, but only one car company has not slowed down, and that is Kia Motors.

Currently, the company is working hard to develop new models. Especially Telluride, this model has been loved by the public since its introduction, and Kia will launch the new Sedona in the near future.

The two models mentioned above are of great significance to this developer, and Sedona is gaining popularity in the American market, even though Kia initially intends to promote SUVs in the American market. But Kia also intends to set foot in another area.

According to reliable sources, the company is developing pickup trucks. The reason for developing pickup trucks is to compete with other popular pickup trucks. In a discussion, the company’s chief operating officer said that we are talking about pickup trucks, double cabs, single cabs. This means that the company’s first pickup truck will be unveiled around 2022.

The company has decided to release pickup trucks and may announce more details in the near future.

Roland Rivero, a spokesperson for the developer’s product development supervisor, said at a press conference that we have not been allowed so far, but we are still negotiating and will work hard to reach it.

In this speech, ute was mentioned. This is the pickup truck to be launched. This model is built on a ladder-shaped chassis. It also has 7,700 pounds of traction.

Before the new car is released, more details will be announced.