Hyundai Motor Company has recently received many complaints about the Palisade SUV. Customers of these complaints said that when the vehicle has traveled a certain distance, it will emit a smell.

The developer is already investigating, investigating customer complaints about odor.

There is an article stating that the developer is not yet sure about the cause of the odor, but is already actively investigating.

The owner of the complaint suspected that the cause of the malodor might be the material of the seat. The suspected material is Nappa. However, some car owners believe that the source of the stench may be the headrest, because the first complaint was that the headrest had a bad smell.

The developer stated that they are aware of the seriousness of this problem, are actively investigating, and actively seek a solution once the cause is found, and tell the public about the news.

Before the developer finds out the reasons and solutions, those affected car owners only need to open the windows for ventilation.