The new Jeep will be shown to the public in the near future, this time it will be a video. This video will show the new car in all directions, and interested people can pay special attention to the map on the roof.

In order to show the new car to the public, the developer took a photo specially. This new car uses an all-glass roof. This change in detail allows buyers to better enjoy the scenery outside the car.

Although there are now photos and videos, the final model is still uncertain.
In the video, you can see not only the full glass roof, but also four large doors, two rows of seats and a huge internal storage space.

This time the new car has a special place. He engraved a number on the side of the car, 1963. This number is the first production time of this car.

The new model will be launched at the end of this month. Before that, Jeep will reveal more details to the public.