Hyundai did not win the “Best Safety Choice Award” from the Highway Safety Association. Although Hyundai Motor has excellent on-site crossover technology, it did not help him win the “Best Safety Choice Award.”

The Venue manufactured by Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd. received a “good” rating in the six crash tests of IIHS. Both vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-pedestrian received a “senior” rating. Therefore, Hyundai Motor won the “Best Safety Choice” award.

However, the test of the headlights only received an “acceptable” or “good” rating, so Hyundai lost the “best safety pick” award.

Vehicles that have won the IIHS’s highest safety choice plus award have received at least a “good” rating in the six crash tests. Accident prevention in front of vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-pedestrian must obtain a “premium” or “superior” rating, headlights The grade should be “acceptable” or “good”.

Venue’s LED headlights received an “acceptable” rating, but its headlights received the worst rating.

Can be seen in the IIHS report

Venue “The base headlights-halogen projectors-rate marginal due to inadequate illumination on curves,” if Hyundai Motors installs standard-level headlights for this car, then it is undeniable that this model will most likely be Top Safety Pick Plus.

Although it did not receive the safety award, Hyundai’s anti-collision safety performance is more prominent.