FCA company announced the recall of Ram vehicles, the reason for this recall is that the vehicle sensors have problems.

FCA’s recall involves two models, one is a truck with a 3.0-liter Ecodiesel engine, and the other is an off-road vehicle with the same engine.

According to an investigation by the US Highway and Transportation Administration, the positioning wheel in the engine with the problem of the engine has layered. Under normal circumstances, the positioning ring can make the two parts in the engine run synchronously, but it has delamination, which causes the car to easily stall.

FCA stated that since this part is difficult to detect and repair, it is hoped that instead of replacing this part, the engine may be replaced directly to solve the problem.

The problematic vehicle will be solved by the developer, and will be replaced by professionals, which will not cause trouble to the customer or make the customer spend more money.

However, this solution is not clear what problems will follow.

The recall will continue to send notifications to customers next month.