Because customers like the Ford 2021 Bronco very much, many people have bought this version of the model, making this model in short supply, so Ford announced to increase the production of this model.

Before the release of this popular model, Ford originally planned to produce only 300 vehicles, but when this model was pre-sold, these 300 vehicles were soon sold out.

The developer has prepared a lot of interior options for this model, but the most popular one is the blue oval. Therefore, Ford will increase the production of this interior, possibly 7,000 more.

Ford not only informed customers who bought this model, but also informed Volkswagen. The popular model will increase production.
However, customers can see that when making a purchase, this model on the official website is still sold out. Volkswagen still doesn’t know how the developer will sell this model.

There is another possibility that the newly produced vehicle has been sold out, so this model is sold out again on the official website.

It was also mentioned in the email from the developer to the customer that the model launched this time has another interior. For customers who have successfully booked, if they want to unsubscribe, the developer will refund $100.

This time the newly produced model starts at $60,800.