Since its establishment, Ford has experienced many things.

Just a few weeks after the company launched its new models, Bronco and Bronco Sport, a group of photos came out. This group of photos was about the company’s new model, maverick.

This group of photos also deliberately captured the tailgate of this model, which makes the public understand that this new car will be launched.

As can be seen from the photos, this model is not completely modified, but a revival of the previous models, which is a compact pickup. This change makes many customers who love this model feel excited.

Judging from the leaked photos, the logo of the new car launched this time has changed. There is a small gap just above it. The public speculates that this small gap may be used to put the Ford logo.

So far, Ford has refused to admit the authenticity of this group of photos.

There is news that the company may be developing a new car, which is an integrated pickup. This news has been confirmed by many dealers to be true.

The model leaked in the photo is expected to start at approximately $20,000.