Ford’s new car, the 2021 Bronco, may have arrived. This makes many customers who are interested in this model very happy, but there is still some time before customers officially get this model.

After the model was announced, the company also released a trailer about the new “Range” pickup. According to news, this model will be launched next year.

According to the latest report, Ford stated in a PPT report that a new car will be launched next year. Many people will launch this new car, which may be a small pickup truck.

It is reported that production of this model has already begun in Mexico’s factory, and the first batch of production will be 100,000. In addition, this model will also carry the maverick logo, but so far, the developer has refused to admit the authenticity of the news.

If this news is correct, then this model will also be unveiled on the C2 platform.

According to the news of many dealers, the appearance of this model is not as strong as before, but it adopts an integrated structure. I heard that this kind of change was inspired by Bronco Sport.

The car’s starting price is about $20,000, which was developed by the developer for customers who have a small budget to buy a car. This also shows that the developer is looking for entry-level models that are popular with the public.