The number of deaths due to car accidents in the United States is increasing every year. At the beginning of this year, the U.S. Transportation Administration released a set of data that the pedestrian death rate in 2018 was 3% higher than last year. In order to change this status quo, many car developers improve and upgrade their own car technology, hoping to reduce accidents.

Toyota is one of these many car developers. The developer will install the latest version of the safety system and driver assistance system in the 2021 Camry.

The developer announced an announcement stating that Safety Sense 2.5+ will be installed in the upcoming Camry, which is the first appearance of this system. If this system is installed in a car, it can better distinguish pedestrians and cyclists.
This system can help the driver to better distinguish pedestrians during the day, even at night or rainy days, can also detect whether there are pedestrians ahead. In this way, the occurrence of accidents can be better reduced.

When the car turns, it will start to detect whether there are vehicles or pedestrians at the intersection. When there are vehicles or pedestrians too close, the system will issue an alarm, and in some cases, the active stop function will be activated.

The developer also added an adaptive cruise control system to the car. With this system, traffic congestion can be better reduced, and it can also help the driver to safely integrate into another lane.