Ford is preparing to make some changes in the mid-size Camry, which may change his front-end style, the interior display and some interiors.

The first step for the developer is to stop production of the entry-level L model, which shows that Toyota’s cheapest interior will withdraw from the market. This will cause this model to be more expensive than before, probably several hundred dollars.

To make up for the withdrawal of L interior, Toyota will launch a new interior, XSE interior. This model will be hybrid. In addition to these changes, TRD has also added many devices, such as blind spot monitoring and heated mirrors.

The new interior also has a new grille, wheels, colors and other designs, a new seat decoration, a more fashionable leather decoration, and a new central touch screen display. There are two options for the size of the screen, one is a 7-inch screen and the other is a 9-inch screen.

Toyota will also add a Safety Sense 2.5 package to the Camry, which also includes pedestrian detection and adaptive cruise control technology.

The models mentioned above may arrive at dealers later this year and begin sales.