Recently, the United States introduced a policy that if your car is an electric car, the tax on this car will be very low.

This is the US policy to promote the use of low-emission vehicles. The use of low-emission electric vehicles can exempt the tax of US$2500, but the use of electric vehicles requires an additional fee, which requires an additional payment of US$417 for every 5 kWh of battery capacity.

For example, Ford 2020Escape, this is an electric car, its battery capacity is 14.4 kWh, customers who buy this model can be cheaper $ 6,843.

Recently, Mike Levine also issued a document confirming the accuracy of this news.

Measures to reduce taxes can give this car a better sales prospect. The current overall price of this car is 33,040 US dollars.

However, those who do not intend to buy an electric car but rent it will not be able to enjoy this measure, because they only lease this model, not own this model.

According to the report, a fully charged Escape can last 37 miles. Customers with higher purchasing power can choose to purchase Toyota 2021RAV4 Prime. Although it is more expensive than Escape, it has a longer cruising range than Escape. When fully charged, it can travel 42 miles.

The battery capacity of Toyota 2021RAV4 Prime is 18.1 kWh. Customers who purchase this model can get a discount of $7,500. It uses an engine that can provide 302 horsepower, 165 horsepower more than Escape.

Escape will arrive at the dealership soon, and customers will be able to buy it soon.