Ford today released a trailer for the 2021 new Mustang.

On July 13, 2020, Ford broadcasted a promotional video of the new Mustang on multiple TVs and the Internet, showing the full lineup of the new Mustang and seven different vehicle decoration versions.

The top Bronco First Edition was sold out a few hours after the opening of reservations.

Ford did not specifically release more information about the 2021 Mustang. Rest assured that the orderer can withdraw from the order at any time and receive the reservation fee.

In addition, other versions of Mustang will not stop selling, consumers can continue to buy, or they can reserve the Bronco Sport that has to wait some time.

Ford has yet to announce the specific prices of all new cars. The starting price for the two-door version of the Bronco SUV is US$29,995, including the cost of services such as express delivery, and the starting price for the four-door version of the Bronco SUV is US$34,695. The Bronco Sport crossover is priced at US$28,155, which also includes US$1,495 for services such as express delivery.

Ford’s two new cars and other models are available to all customers in the United States and Canada. Consumers can book their favorite models on the official website, but they have to charge a $100 reservation fee, which is much cheaper than the Mache-E’s $500 reservation fee.

In addition, the reservation also requires consumers to fill in complete personal information and credit card information for payment. It is worth mentioning that the reservation fee can be refunded, but the deposit cannot be refunded.

Ford’s Bronco SUV will be launched in the fall of 2020, but the Bronco Sport crossover is expected to go on sale next year.