According to the original agreement, the United States will hold three auto shows, the first is the Los Angeles Auto Show at the end of November last year, the second is the New York Auto Show in April this year, and the third is the Detroit auto show in June this year.

The Detroit auto show was supposed to be held in January, but due to various factors, it was postponed to June this year.

However, due to novel coronavirus this year, the last two auto shows are not available.

There are a lot of people who want the Los Angeles Auto Show to go smoothly, but obviously it’s impossible. Recently, many participants in the auto show and auto manufacturers have expressed their views on the postponement of the auto show.

However, there will be an auto show to be held in May. It is not clear which one is.

There is no way to postpone the auto show, but the Detroit auto show is the most important one, and we need to deal with it correctly.

Now, there’s a plan. The New York and Detroit auto shows are held 11 weeks apart. This is a plan that has been accepted by the public. However, due to the rush to hold this year’s auto shows, many car manufacturers are unable to attend all the auto shows and are forced to choose one.

The absence of an auto show can cause a lot of damage to the car manufacturers.

Because of the current situation in the United States, this will be a big challenge. At present, the news of all auto shows is very confusing, not only in the time of holding, but also in the number of times.

So far, the only certainty is the Los Angeles Auto Show, which will be held in May next year