Hyundai has recently recalled its vehicles urgently, this time because of problems with ABS.

In the past two years, about 180000 Tucson SUVs have been recalled because of the possibility of a fire while driving.

It can be seen from the documents of modern investigation that the source of the problem is that the supplier’s supply quality is not up to standard. In the production process of ABS plate, there are residues which lead to short circuit of wires. When encountering hot and humid environment, this kind of situation is more likely to happen.

Vehicles with ABS problems should be repaired in time. When ABS problems occur, the engine may catch fire and produce a burning smell. At this time, the ABS indicator light will be on to remind the driver.

Before that, Hyundai also recalled a number of models, and the reason for the recall was also ABS problems.

So far, Hyundai has not disclosed the number of accidents caused by ABS such as getting up and catching fire.

At the beginning of this year, Kia also recalled a number of models, and the reason for the recall was that ABS had problems.

Hyundai said that ABS problems are due to the poor quality of the supplier’s supply. In order to solve this problem, the manufacturer said that the problem vehicles can be taken to the local dealer, free of charge by professional replacement.