Recently, Ford has been paying close attention to the final version of bronco, which took 20 years to re launch. In this final version, Ford put in a lot of thought and prepared a lot of new features.

In order to compete with the herdsmen, Ford corrected many problems that should not have existed.

Jeff seaman said at a press conference that this time, the new car will use a removable roof. This change will solve many years of trouble.

Some people said when removing the herdsman’s roof, it was very difficult to remove the herdsman’s roof, which required two people to remove.

It’s a bit exaggerated, but his roof is really heavy. As a result, the maintenance cost of this model may be very high.

Ford’s new model to solve this problem, the original heavy roof, replaced by a lighter roof, and added panels. This reduces the chance of rollover.

Moreover, the new car’s side mirror is installed on the body, not on the door, so as to avoid his loss.

Compared with all the changes, it’s not hard to see that Ford’s new car has improved a lot of herdsmen’s shortcomings.