Since the launch of the F-150, bronco and Bronco sport, Ford will soon launch a new model, the F-150 Raptor. This model will be available soon.

This time, the new model launched by the developer is more suitable for driving on the desert, with better off-road function.

This new car has a very high territory, high safety tires, these equipment can make this model on the rough road smooth driving, its aggressive appearance, but also make this model more popular. These devices add up to give this pickup a very powerful off-road function.

This raises the question of what new features customers can expect from this model.

Recently, the developer released a photo showing many details of the new car:

The new front-end design, as well as the unique grille, give this model a very unique appearance.

Improved bumper, new slide plate and wide body make the off-road function of this model more powerful.

The hellcat engine, which provides 700 horsepower. This gives the model the same power as the Raptor.

According to a source, the new model will have two choices, one is a V6 engine, the other is a V8 engine, but they will be paired with the 10 active transmission.

Over the next few days, his details will slowly reveal more.