The new Ford Bronco will be launched soon and has now entered the promotion period.

This new Bronco has been transformed and is finally on the market. The first appearance gave customers who liked this model a surprise. This time the appearance was broadcasted on the Disney network.

The new Bronco has been sold again, but now many people compare this model with the Jeep Wrangler.

The reason why these two models are compared is that they are both models with good off-road functions. Customers who like off-road will inevitably compare these two models. It has been suggested that the new Bronco is ahead of the Wrangler because of four details on the new Bronco.

The first detail is that the Wrangler’s rearview mirror is installed on the door. When the car is being repaired, this installation position may cause the loss of the rearview mirror. Bronco’s rearview mirrors are installed on the body, which avoids this problem.

The second detail is that the front swing lever of the Wrangler requires the driver to disconnect in advance, but the Bronco can allow the driver to disconnect during driving.

The third detail is that Bronco has a trail steering assist system, which can help the driver to drive in tight corners.

The fourth detail is that Bronco has 35-inch tires, while the Wrangler has only 33-inch tires.

The new Bronco is already available for reservation, and customers who like it can book in advance.