Ford offered to share photos of Bronco and Bronco Sport a week before the news leaked, this time real photos, not computer-generated ones.

Before that, the developer Shared a video in which Bronco’s engine sounds can be clearly heard, along with its front grille and back.

On Monday, the developer Shared a photo that previewed the outline and performance of their upcoming model.

The new models are two – and four-door versions of the Bronco and the naked Bronco Sport, as ford’s trailer confirms.

As ford’s trailer shows, the car has thick bumpers, integrated fog lights, towing hooks, fog shrouds, B-shaped taillights, tailgate and large fenders.

In addition to the above, all Bronco will also have a function, Built Wild.

The new model will be unveiled at an event on July 13, when customers who like it can order it for a $100 deposit.