Chevrolet has a new feature for the new Silverado that is the multifunctional tailgate. This baffle is also available on GMC Sierra trucks.

However, this baffle is different from the past, there will be a small change. The baffle, called the Multi-Flex on the upcoming model, is of the same quality as the MultiPro.

In addition, enjoying the smart keys, Silverado owners can also enjoy a flexible tailgate.

The baffle, which will be applied to the new model, will run through the rear panel, all the way up to the bow tie badge. The baffle can also drain space for longer items by simply folding part of it down.

Given the fierce competition in the truck market, the new baffle could help the developer gain a foothold in the market.

Many details of the new model, which will go on sale before the end of the month, have yet to be discovered by Volkswagen.