Ford recently announced an update to its return policy, which gives customers more leeway.

Many people do not need to buy a new car for the time being because of the severe outbreak in the United States and the instability of the domestic economy.

To address the problem, the U.S. government provides 0% financing deals and other offers for car developers, but car sales still face serious challenges.

In an effort to boost sales, Ford introduced a policy that allows customers who buy a car to return it if they lose their job within a year of buying it. The policy is designed to encourage customers to buy cars with peace of mind.

The policy, called the Ford Promise, is suitable for customers who buy or lease vehicles, as well as models from 2019 to 2021. But not for commercial sales.

In America 32% of those who have bought a car are now reluctant to buy a new one. Ford introduced the policy to encourage customers to buy new cars.

The program will open for enrollment on June 26 and end on September 30.

It is important to note, however, that customers who participate in the scheme will still be obligated to pay off the balance, even if they return the vehicle, but in a more flexible way.