Ford’s 2021F-150 features a seat-reclined, over-the-air powerful tailgate to entice customers.

In recent years, in the American pickup truck market, the competition among car manufacturers in function, technology and style is extremely fierce, and the competition is gradually shifting to the innovation of vehicle tailgate.

GMC and Ram have recently added a unique tailgate to their new models.

Ford has also added new features to the F-150’s tailgate to make it easier for pickup trucks to work on the job site.

Anti-skid nails and various functional components on the sides of the F-150 hopper make the vehicle more suitable for loading and unloading long cargo. These anti-skid nails are only available for the F-150, giving the F-150 vehicle unique practicality.

In addition, the F-150’s tailgate is equipped with clamps and is also suitable for civil work.

Among the optional assembly equipment, an external workbench can be lowered at the rear baffle and used to support computers and mobile phones for office work.

The new F-150’s tailgate doesn’t resemble the GMC Sierra’s tailgate or Ram 1500’s 60/40 barn door, but the workbench and tailgate offer a different experience.