Toyota announced it would no longer sell the Toyota Yaris in the United States.

The developer announced that it would stop production of both the model and the hatchback version, and that it would stop production this month.

The news leaked through a company memo that said the Yaris sedan and The Yaris hatchback would no longer be part of the 2021 lineup.

The model went on sale in the U.S. in 2007, and the developer finally decided to stop selling the model in the U.S. It was sold in the United States for 14 years, from the time it was sold to the time it was discontinued.

The developer decided to discontinue the model because of poor sales in the US and new regulations.

New regulations require additional certification; Sales have fallen, both factors in the developer’s decision to pull the model from the US market.

In 2018, 26,917 units were sold, and in 2019, 21,917 were sold. Sales of the model have fallen over the past two years. Sales of the developer’s other models also fell.

Perhaps another reason for the developer’s decision to stop production of the model is the epidemic that has plagued the company since last year. As a result of the outbreak, the developer had problems with its supply chain. The developer will limit North American auto production to less than 29 percent this year.