Recently, there have been reports that Toyota will use the new gears in the Toyota Safety Sense Kit and install it on the 2021 Highlander SUV, which will be unveiled next year.

This news came to light as a result of a report sent by Toyota to fleet customers, in which it stated that the Sense of Safety 2.5 was installed in the upcoming Highlander version.

This condom can provide the driver with driver assistance and active safety functions, mainly to improve the pre-collision system, so that this system can also run well even when the vehicle makes a left turn. In addition to the above, curve speed management will also be obtained, allowing the system to better read the route. A risk aversion emergency steering function has also been added.

Some features in this condom are very similar to Lexus’s enhanced security system suite.

At the time of writing this article, the developer has not issued any explanations on the aforementioned security suite functions.

According to CarsDirect’s report, the 2021 Highlander and Highlander Hybrid will receive new kits. Other models are currently unclear.