When everyone was worried about the return of Ford Bronco, the developer announced that the return date of this model was postponed.

This model was originally scheduled to be unveiled on July 9, but due to some reasons, it has now been decided to postpone it to July 13. The reason is that July 9th is OJ Simpson’s birthday.

OJ Simpson is a former football player. In 1994, he took a Ford Bronco to try to escape from the police, because he was accused of murder at that time, accused of killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown (Nicole Brown) and her friend Lin Gaode ( Rin Goldman).

When the developer announced the original scheduled debut date, many people expressed their opinions. The families of the victims expressed strong dissatisfaction with this, believing that the developer was deliberate.

In the end, the developer responded that the date of the previous release was not intentional and stated that it was just a coincidence.