At present, there is a high demand for pickup trucks in the US market because American customers prefer pickup trucks, especially the Ford F-150, which is well received by the public.

In 2018, the price of this model was $47,174. According to research and investigations, Ford sold a total of 909,000 vehicles with total revenue of approximately US$43 billion.

The sales volume of this model has been stable for the past three years, with an average annual sales of 900,000 vehicles, an average of 2486 vehicles per day, and an average of 103 vehicles per hour. From this set of data, this model can be seen How popular is it. This can also explain why Volkswagen is happy that the developer is launching the 14th generation F-150.

The three most popular and best-selling models in the United States are Chevrolet Silverado, Ram truck and F-150.

When Ford announced the 13th-generation F-150, the developer made a big change to the exterior of this model, using an aluminum exterior.

This time, the developer focused the change on the interior of the car, adding a new infotainment screen and more luxurious functions to this model.

The model launched this time also pays special attention to comfort. Some people say that customers who buy this model can basically regard it as a second home.

The new models will be unveiled soon, and will also be unveiled via live broadcast.