Recently, it has been reported that Ford will stop production of the next generation of Edge SUV because the developer has launched a new model.

In the past few years, Edge’s product lineup in Blue Oval has been very stable, but recently there is news that the developer internally decided to discontinue the next generation of Edge.

This model will be redesigned and launched in 2023. When the developer was asked about AFS’s claim, it did not respond in time.

The vice president of AFS pointed out that the biggest problem for the developer is layoffs. In particular, many popular vehicles are on sale at the moment, and sales of the Edge model are not helpful.

The Edge model is not very well-known in Ford, so this model will become the company’s fleet vehicle, it is also very surprising.

If the developer decides to discontinue Edge, the Ontario plant will be very idle.

But so far, the developer has not officially announced that there may be more news in the next few days.