If there is another model that will be as popular as the Ford Bronco, it is the Hummer EV.

Recently, the developer decided to launch a new model, but due to the epidemic, the launch plan can only be postponed.

But customers who are interested in this model do not have to be sad. Despite the severe epidemic, this model will still be unveiled, but it will be unveiled later. It is expected to be unveiled before the end of this year.

But so far, the debut time of this model is uncertain. However, there is news that the developer is actively looking for a suitable time.

In order to prevent this model from being forgotten by the public, the developer will use other methods to strengthen the customer’s connection with this model, possibly using virtual technology.

It is understandable that the release date has been postponed due to the epidemic, but people still hope to release the information within two months.

The new models may be sold under the GMC trademark, or they may be sold under independent brands. The new models will be powered by pure electric engines.