Recently, iPhone has a shortcut for emergency alarm, which has attracted much attention. This feature can help users quickly send their location to emergency contacts in the event of an emergency.

This feature has been developed in 2018. Due to the current political tension in the United States, this feature has attracted widespread public attention.

The iOS function can automatically record the interaction with the road authorities to work. This function is to better protect the personal safety of users, and to hold accountable for improper behavior or abuse of authority. When this function is used, the camera of the mobile phone will automatically turn on the video recording function and send the recording and location to the emergency contact.

Due to the recent murder of George Floyd, the United States has plunged into an atmosphere of political tension. Some people who are dissatisfied with the current society have spontaneously marched on the street or made excessively violent behaviors to achieve the purpose of protecting themselves.

Robert Peterson is the creator of this feature. He explained that if the police use their authority formally, this feature will not have any impact on the police.