Recently, Jeep and Mahindra have been involved in a legal action due to their respective vehicle designs.

FCA has been seeking orders for discontinuation of the multi-purpose vehicle from the Indian manufacturer. FCA shows that Mahindra’s Roxor is plagiarized.

This legal action has been going on for many years, and just last year, a judge supported the jeep. Currently, Mahindra is already in greater trouble. ITC published the ruling on its website. The committee found that Mahindra’s Roxor was too similar to a jeep and made a limited exclusion order for the infringing product. A suspension order was also issued against Mahindra, Mahindra Limited and Mahindra North America.

The quarrel began when the FCA stated that Roxor was a replica of the Jeep. According to FCA, there are seven and a half grooves on the grille on the Jeep, compared to four on the old Roxor.

Mahindra responded that Roxor is an off-road vehicle, and there are three powertrains to choose from, as well as a new gearbox and a unique steel frame, which are different from the Jeep CJ.

In 2009, FCA allowed Mahindra to sell Scorpio, but only allowed the sale of models with five-row grilles, but ultimately failed to sell.

Since Judge Cameron Elliott made the decision, Mahindra has modified Roxor.

It is not clear whether the developer will be able to sell other models in the United States.