Since 2012, Ford has been designing electric hybrid versions of suVs, and the upcoming 2020 Escape also features electric hybrid systems.

Details of the new cars are coming out step by step, and the latest is the EPA mileage.

Hau Thai-Tang, Ford’s chief product development and procurement officer, said in a report that the move from the original Escape to the new one represents ford’s progress in plug-in hybrid SUVs.

The new Escape is powered by a 2.5-liter, 221-horsepower inline four-cylinder engine, a 14.4-kwh battery, and a 204-volt level 2 charger. The car has a battery life of 37 miles, 100MPGe and 3.5 hours on a full charge.

These capabilities are relatively prominent in the plug-in hybrid version of the SUV and will be a strong competitor to Toyota RAV4 Prime. Toyota’s recently launched Prime has less endurance than that.

But Toyota’s Prime horsepower has become a competitive advantage, costing more than the Ford Escape.

According to Ford officials, the Escape has greater passenger space and increased cargo space in the trunk.