Chrysler is working on the Pacifica AWD, a system aimed at pickup trucks that need more traction. Currently, the system is priced at $40,240.

The system is not available on the new model, which was launched in February, and will be available on the next forthcoming model.

So far, customers are very fond of all-wheel drive, and when the developer announced that the model would be all-wheel drive, the response was very positive.

The AWD Launch Edition features a S Appearance Black Noise exterior kit with double-spoke Black 18-inch wheels and Premier self-sealing tires.

In terms of the interior, this model adopts more advanced seat leather, color contrast and metal decoration, all of which make the interior of this model look more advanced. In addition, there are options for navigation and three-pane panoramic skylights, which are optional accessories.

All-wheel drive is a great feature for a car, providing enough torque for the rear axle and also providing fuel efficiency. The AWD system is activated when outside temperatures are low, when the road is rough, when it rains, to ensure a safe ride.

The system is still in development and is expected to be available in the AWD Launch Edition this fall.