The recent news is that the Mazda 3 turbocharged engine is coming.

Since its launch, this model has been well received by car owners and journalists. But since the model has been on the market for a long time, many interested customers have asked for updates.

The car code for the leak is the MAZDA3 HB PP TURBO, which many believe will soon be available as a new turbocharged option.

According to the leaked documents, the model will be developed in the same way as the Mazda 6, with the HB supposedly for the hatchback, the PP for the premium package and the 6A for the six-speed automatic transmission.

If we follow the code analysis, then this is likely to be a more luxurious and more powerful model.

This also means that the new model is not the MazdaSpeed 3 as previously thought.

But the developer has so far refused to confirm the authenticity of the information, and has not released any information about the model.