Honda and ACSONG recently recalled 136,057 vehicles because of faulty fuel pumps.

The recall covers Acura NSX, RDX, RLX and RLX hybrids from 2018 to 2020, as well as the Honda Accord, Civic Hatchback, Civic Type R, HR-V, Fit and Insight.

This recall will recall the vehicles and also stop the sale of these models, so customers will no longer be able to buy these models at dealers.

According to a published report, the reason for the recall is the problems in the fuel pump. The surface of the fuel pump is dry and cracked due to the long service time and the dry solvent in production, which absorbs too much fuel, leading to the impeller failure and finally the fuel pump failure. When the fuel pump fails, the vehicle will stall while driving, increasing the possibility of accidents.

The developer said it had not received any reports of accidents related to the problem.
NHTSA points to faulty fuel pumps, and says that fuel pumps produced after a certain date have no problems.

To address the problem, the developer advised affected car owners to take their vehicles to dealers with a professional to replace them free of charge.

The recall notices will start rolling out to customers by the end of July.