Sales of Eclipse Cross did not meet Mitsubishi’s expectations, but the launch of Eclipse Cross successfully set the stage for 2021.

Ahead of the new Eclipse Cross launch, Mitsubishi also released some Easter eggs for future models, but it was impossible to tell any details about the new car from the photos.

The new Eclipse Cross will feature Y-shaped lights with a C-shaped chrome decal under the LED lights. Also notable: the visually striking body lines and crossover coupe roof of the new Eclipse Cross. More details about the shape of the car can only be seen at the launch.

Eclipse Cross will be released in the first quarter of 2021, and all versions of the model will be equipped with front-impact mitigation technology.

The Eclipse Cross’s new Outlander is equipped with a new hybrid system that will give it a big boost in all-electric range. The new Outlander will be released later than Eclipse Cross.

Mitsubishi will release details of the new Eclipse Cross and New Outlander over time.