Hyundai’s Starex, a largely neglected model, is relaying a new look.

The Starex has been on the market since 2007 and is still on sale today.

At the recent test site, there was a car similar to the original Starex.

Although it is tightly wrapped, you can see from the image that there are some details about Starex and him.

The picture shows the huge grille and leap-over headlights connected to the split headlights at the front, which hyundai may have chosen for the Starex for the time being.

Notably, the car has a shorter front suspension and large Windows, a design that could undercut the price of the new car in buyers’ minds.

With the new Starex retaining its boxy body, the hyundai may have retained or even expanded the space of the original Starex. Among the interiors, hyundai may equip the new Starex with a floating infotainment system and a uniquely positioned dashboard.

More details of the new Starex will be released gradually, and a hybrid version is also said to be released this year.