A new report from the IIHS shows that the danger to drivers of small cars in the United States is increasing by the day.

This report studies data from Fatality Analysis Reporting System databases that are even more accurate and refined. The data ranks the number of deaths per million registered vehicles sold in the United States for all model vehicles in 2017.

From the recorded data, it can be seen that the mortality rate of small models is as high as 75% in the 20 models with the highest mortality rate. In contrast, half of the models with the lowest death rates were luxury SUVs and CUVs.

The IIHS also notes that traffic accidents continued to decline from the 1970s to the late 2000s, but the frequency of accidents has increased in the past decade. But the average number of deaths per million RVY was 28 in 2011, 30 in 2014 and 36 in 2017.

In accidents with small cars, the death rate of drivers is more than five times higher than that of drivers with large cars. In statistical terms, that is 15 deaths per million registered vehicles per year, compared with 82 for small cars.

The reason for this result is that small cars have less protection for drivers in the event of a crash, which means that drivers have a higher death rate in the event of a collision with small cars.

Despite these reports, Volkswagen’s love of small cars is not dampened. The report only shows the state of the roads in the United States in recent years.