In the United States, several months of business suspensions have had a severe impact on the economy. To reduce the impact, the United States has decided to relax some local regulations and allow some businesses to reopen.

To reduce the impact of reopening a business, the CDC recommends that people use private cars and reduce the use of public transportation during an outbreak. Encourage people to drive private cars to work and try not to use public transport.

In a PUBLICATION published by the CDC, the public is also advised to wear masks in public and to avoid meetings and the like.

The CDC recommends that employers offer incentives to make it easier for people to commute by car. If you can only use public transport to get to work, it is best to stagger the use of time.

The measures mentioned above are called the new normal. This is what the United States is doing to reduce the impact of this outbreak. Employers who don’t want their businesses to be suspended need to find ways for their employees to avoid the virus.