Recently, Mitsubishi Corporation announced the recall of 141,000 vehicles. The reason for this recall is that rust may damage its control arms and make them detach.

According to NHTSA documents, the recalled vehicles involved the following: 2008-2010 Mitsubishi Lancer, 2008-2013 Outlander, 2010 Lancer Sportback and 2011-2016 Outlander Sport.

The developer has been investigating the cause of this recall. The root cause of the problem is rust, as long as the problem is corrosion. The developer also stated that in some vehicles, the front lower control arm would separate when the front cross member was corroded.

At present, the developer has identified that the main cause of this problem is salt water, especially road salt. The reason for this recall is similar to the reason for the 2016 recall.

However, the developer also stated that the population affected by the recall is from Maine to Iowa, covering 22 states and Washington, DC.

In order to solve this problem, the developer suggested that the owners of the affected vehicles can take the problematic vehicles to the local dealers for inspection and repair by professionals. If the front beam is corroded by the blindfold, the developer will replace the parts for the owner for free. In addition, a sealed preservative will be provided free of charge to prevent the problem from recurring.

For vehicles that are not affected, the developer will also provide preservatives to prevent vehicle problems.

This recall notice, the developer will start mailing on July 14.