As there have been many reports about Bronco and Bronco Mach-E recently, this has created an illusion for many people that they already know these two models well.

However, Ford does not think so. The developer believes that it is too early to discuss the details of these two models. There is news recently that Blue Oval is studying a feasibility, which refers to Bronco and Mustang as sub-brands.

A person familiar with the matter revealed to the outside world that the developer will use what they are good at. This good at refers to Bronco and trucks. Bronco is a brand with a long history, and the developer intends to add some new models to this brand.

The larger Bronco model will soon be available in the United States, and the current production plan for this model is tentatively scheduled for the end of August. When this model arrives, the smaller Bronco model will be launched soon.

The upcoming new models will be launched in two-door and four-door versions, which will share the same platform as the Ranger pickup. In addition, the Bronco Sport model may be launched as an all-in-one crossover.

Currently, the developer is considering all the possibilities regarding Bronco.

In the selection of facilities and accessories for Bronco pickups, the developer is actively seeking all possibilities, which may be EV, hybrid, sedan, crossover, coupe EV, convertible EV, or rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive drive.