Some time ago, GM had to temporarily operate for two months for some reasons, but the developer has been operating for a long time. At present, the developer is working hard for the new model to be launched soon. In order to make the new model more popular, the developer is trying to develop new technology.

Doug parks is the executive vice president of global product development of the developer. He said that the company’s upcoming ultra cruise model will adopt super Cruise’s automatic driving technology, but this model has not yet been officially named. Previously, in the advertisement, it was advertised that this model is an extension of the super cruise series, which is specially designed for road driving.

Super cruise is a hand-free driver assistance system for highway driving. The system is a camera mounted on the steering column to monitor the driver to ensure pedestrian safety. The system was first launched in 2017, and then the developer installed the system into Cadillac CT6. The system will continue to be used in other models in the next few years.

In a telephone conversation at Citigroup’s 2020 auto future conference, representatives of the developer said that, in essence, ultra cruise has always been ubiquitous. However, this does not mean that ultra cruise will achieve full autonomy in 100% of the time. He also explained that Super Tour will be all super cruises. On this basis, it also adds blocks, cities and subdivisions.

However, the developer has not announced a timetable for adding new technology to its vehicles.

Models equipped with super cruise system will appear on the vehicle intelligent platform.